Dylan Robinson

Email: dylan@dylancodes.net
Website: http://www.dylancodes.net
Github: Robinson7D
Technical Skills

Client-side Web Development

  • Languages: Typescript, Javascript, Coffeescript
  • Frontend frameworks: React, AngularJS, Ember
  • Frontend technologies: D3, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, Lodash/Underscore
  • Testing: Cypress, Jest, Nightwatch, Protractor, PhantomJS, QUnit, Karma, Chai+Mocha
  • Ops, build: Webpack, Rollup, Nx (monorepo management), Grunt, Gulp, Babel, Browserify

General Software Development

  • Languages: Java, Ruby, Javascript; previously C++, and Prolog
  • Databases: SQL, PostgreSQL, REDIS; a bit of Hadoop/HDFS, MariaDB
  • Backend web frameworks: Ruby on Rails, a bit of Spring Boot (Java)
Work Experience

Everbridge (acquired xMatters)

Staff Engineer

May 2021 - Now
Vancouver, BC


Engineering Manager

Oct 2017 - May 2021
Vancouver, BC

Hazel (spin-off from Rise)

Frontend Engineering Lead

June 2016 - Sept 2017
Vancouver, BC
  • Key technologies used: ES6, Angular, Flux, JSONAPI, D3, SCSS, HTML5, PostgreSQL, and Ruby on Rails
  • Continued responsibilities from Rise (below) until our old software was sold
  • Implemented and maintained theming to support Rise and Hazel in concurrently (coloring, but also typography, sizing, icons)
  • Managed one developer
  • Built out several responsive projects as we pivoted, including surveys (respond & review), data analytics, and educational (i.e. course-work) software
  • Built simple end-to-end testing for all projects using NightwatchJS

Rise (Previously, Paysavvy)

Frontend Engineering Lead

Oct 2015 - June 2016
Vancouver, BC
  • Key technologies used: ES6, Angular, Flux, JSONAPI, D3, SCSS, HTML5, PostgreSQL, and Ruby on Rails
  • Managed three front-end developers (ranging junior to senior)
  • Reviewed most pull requests across our front-end repos
  • Converted business specs into broken down development specs for the team to work against
  • Built out several products, including a time-off management system and an HRIS, along with other HR-related software

Eyereturn Marketing

Web Applications Developer

Sept 2014 - Oct 2015
Toronto, Ontario
  • Key technologies used: ES6, AngularJS, D3, DataTables, Pig Scripts (for big data in Hadoop/HDFS), Java, SASS, HTML5, MariaDB
  • Lead front-end developer on Eyereturn's Campaign Analytics product (ad analytics), and their account management project.
  • Creator, lead developer of a general-purpose UI/UX library to help standardize the look and feel of all new applications company-wide
  • Contributed to five large open source (mostly AngularJS-related) projects on Github
  • Implemented language internationalization (via i18n) on all applications that I lead, allowing use in different languages (e.g. English, French, Pirate, etc.)
  • Held regular developer meetings to teach about and advise all other teams on front-end technologies and best-practices (e.g. internationalization)
  • Implemented White-label branding for all applications that I lead (allowing full styling, report-field formatting, and theme-based Javascripts)

Jugnoo Inc.

Web Developer

May 2012 - Aug 2014
Toronto, Ontario
  • Key technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, EmberJS + Ember Metal, D3, REDIS, Sidekiq, SASS, HTML5, PostgreSQL, OAuth, RSpec, and QUnit
  • Open-sourced a visualization framework, the "JVisualizer"; also performed open-source work on Sidekiq-Status
  • Worked on all levels (from architecture to full-stack development) implementing a tool for scheduling social media posts
  • Developed a library that generates page-previews of arbitrary web pages, providing of a title, image, and paragraph relevant to each link in a feed
  • Optimized end-points and queries responsible for quickly analyzing millions of arbitrarily-filtered/searched social posts
  • Helped build and maintain several EmberJS and Ruby on Rails applications, including a social feeds manager (different accounts and services in one place), as well as a visualizer app
Personal Programming / Side Projects

Rolling Hills: a 3D Music Visualizer

Jan 2012 - April 2012
  • Created an interactive, 3D music visualize, written in C++ and OpenGL, utilizing Boost Threads, FMod (audio), and GLUT (GL toolkit); Rolling Hills renders landscapes in real-time based on input MP3 files
  • Optimized and multithreaded for efficiently analyzing music and rendering
  • Cross-platform: currently compiled and tested on Windows and Mac OSX

Ryerson University

BSc. Computer Science

Sept 2008 - April 2012
Toronto, Ontario
  • Graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.11